About us

Smelly Business is a Melbourne based business and was created in July 2018 by Certified Aromatherapist and Kinesiologist, Karen Marston.

About Us

How it all began….My Journey with Essential Oils

My journey with essential oils began more than  20 years ago. 

A friend from work introduced me to Lavender essential oil to use on a mozzie bite. I was intrigued to say the least. I clearly remember how relaxed I seemed to feel after smelling it and miraculously the sting had calmed down almost immediately.  It was amazing!! 

Well, from that moment on, I loved the idea of being healed by nature.

While balancing my career as an Accountant, I also completed studies in Remedial & Clinical Massage and  also became a qualified Kinesiologist (ICPKP).

From there my studies continued, and I completed an Advanced Aromatherapy certification course.  This re-kindled my love for Aromatherapy and essential oils. 

From there I continued with my studies and completed an Aromatic Chemistry Certificate with the internationally recognised Tisserand Institute. 

The very thought that we can change our headset just by smelling something lovely really  intrigued me.

I wanted to use my knowledge of essential oils to help people.

Needing a creative outlet, the idea of creating something beautiful like a crystal but also smelling amazing set me on the path to making soap!! And not just any soap.  Pure and natural soap which was not only good for my family to use but good for the Earth too!!  And not some boring ugly looking soap that you get from the supermaket, but something unique,  and extraordinary and truly beautiful.  One of a kind, handcrafted soap that contained absolutely no nasty chemicals, detergents or sulphates.  A soap that was completely plant based, ethical and not tested on animals.

And this is how Smelly Business was born!!

A  truly exquisite and luxurious bathing experience.

Mission Statement

My mission for Smelly Business is simple. 

If I can bring a bit of happiness, a bit of pampering, a bit of love and something just a little bit luxurious and special into either yours or a loved one’s life, I have succeeded.

Please enjoy using these soaps as much as I love making them for you!!